Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Strauss, Strauß or Straus is a typical Germanic surname. Outside Germany and Austria Strauß is constantly spelled Strauss. The families utilizing the Strauss name speak to a hereditarily changed gathering of individuals of both Jewish and Germanic inception. The name has been utilized by families as a part of the Germanic range for at any rate a thousand years. The overlord of Gröna for instance, passed by the name of Struz and utilized the picture of an ostrich as his image. Illustrations of it could at present be seen on the thousand-year-old church chime of that town. "Struz" or "Strutz" is the North-German type of the saying "Strauss", which is the current German word for an "Ostrich". A percentage of the most punctual Jewish bearers of the name hailed from the Judengasse in medieval Frankfurt, where families have been known by the name of the houses they inhabited.all the houses had names and these included Haus Strauss, complete with a picture of an ostrich on the veneer. At the point when, for expense purposes, Napoleon made surnames compulsory in 1808, some more Jewish families chose to embrace the Straus(s) name.

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